Made to Measure Films

Bespoke films for brands

We offer the following services:

Video Production - We take care of everything from concept, script to production. From micro budget to full scale broadcast work we can deliver to the highest creative standards.  If you are new to video check out our micro budget package. 

Consultancy - We can advise you on how best to use your new video across different platforms for maximum results. We can even create and book full scale television campaigns in Ireland on RTE, UTV, Channel 4 etc., for a fraction of the costs of traditional advertising agencies. We can also book top presenter talent and national names to front your video.

You Tube - We can create your very own TV channel for you, manage it on a weekly or monthly basis, and ensure you have fresh new content delivered regularly. We can also make very cost effective You Tube ads for your company and target it to local audiences. Discover the power of online advertising for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.